New Announcements

Security Metrics Thought Leadership

In the December, 2016 issue of ASIS’s Security Management Magazine there is an article by Tim Williams (co-founder of GSRMA) and Tom Schultz identifying critical information about Security Metrics, more information in this article.

ASIS Webinar: Time to Disrupt the Old Security Model!

Sign up for the webinar taking place on February 8, 2017 at 15:00 – 16:30 ET.

Cybersecurity: The Leadership Imperative

leadership-imperitiveThe Global Security Risk Management Alliance ( is excited to partner with The Conference Board for the upcoming Cybersecurity: The Leadership Imperative Seminar.

16 – 17 March, 2017
The Conference Board
New York, NY

Cyber risk impacts every element of your organization – and even the most brilliant information security expertise must be supported by a cross-functional cybersecurity structure and culture to succeed. Cybersecurity: The Leadership Imperative will provide case studies and actionable insights on building and maintaining a structure in which leaders across the organization can work together seamlessly to comprehend, measure and respond to cyber risk challenges.


GSRMA Vision

To create a forum for the advancement of security risk management through the organic and deliberate sharing and collaboration of thought leadership in security and business practices across the enterprise including cybersecurity, information security, and physical security.

GSRMA Mission

The Alliance strives to provide an emerging and collective global view of the management of all security risk. By recognizing the nuances and degree of risk that various threats pose to different organizations, the Alliance will analyze distinct threat landscapes, share perspective, and enhance the effectiveness of managing security at the appropriate level for the enterprise.

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